Munthor, suppliers of ethically sourced, quality agricultural products specialising in edible nuts and dried fruit.

Our staff, suppliers and customers share our vision. We have a reliable network of service providers to support us in achieving our goals and to help us maintain a balance within the environment, providing food security and ensuring a fair work force. We embrace change and take all challenges in our stride.

The covid pandemic was a case in point. By staying true to our values, we not only navigated our way through the crisis — we also expanded our business, alongside that of our customers.

We’re open-minded and respectful, and we know to appreciate dependable suppliers, our own talents and valued customers. This includes taking corporate social responsibility and supporting the local communities that supply our products.
We’re 100% outcome-oriented. Everything that we do is geared toward ensuring a steady supply of the best-quality produce on the market.
We know what we sell, and we follow the fluctuating international growing conditions closely. That’s how we can plan ahead, pivot with demand — and consistently deliver a superior product at the best price.
From production and processing through distribution to warehousing and final delivery, we measure all the aspects of the transaction and address challenges promptly.
We stay within our own field of expertise. When a partner is better placed to offer our customers a particular service, we create win-win relationships.
Geographical reach is key. Some growers might be relatively unproductive one year — the next, they are in high demand due to changes in circumstance and climate. We maintain our relationships with our suppliers working with them through all conditions, helping them sustain their business.
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