Environmental, Social and Governance Principles

We strive to be ethical, diverse, compassionate, and caring to the environment, people and always follow the law of the land.

ESG Commitment:

At Munthor we strive to be more socially and ethically conscious on the impact we have on the environment, the people we employ and the world we live in. As we are active in many African markets and also in the EU and USA we do strive to follow the guidance provided but also intend to add our own conscious thinking on how to improve on the factors that matter most.


The impact of farming and food production on the environment is increasingly becoming a challenging factor. The demand on soil and water resources to produce more and more plant-based food for a world of approximately 8 billion people is a task that despite its good intentions can be wearing on the planet.

Agricultural factors we monitor:

  • Water – usage and waste
  • Soil – nutrients, water and soil erosion
  • Pesticides – the risks of using them and how we use them
  • Energy – efficiency and sustainability
  • Biodiversity and
  • Farm Management –human rights, labor practices, diversity and equality
  • Farm management – governance, corruption, fair trade

From animal welfare to packaging and waste management we are curious to how we impact the environment and vow to always work on improvement of our practices.


With the recent challenges of the pandemic and the ongoing wars in regions ranging from Central Asia to Europe and Africa the importance of taking a social responsibility for your work force has become more and more vital. Work burn out and a greater work life balance is essential to promote good mental health and also to have a happier and more productive work force. Ensuring that staff are treated fairly and that there is an equal opportunity mentality right through the supply chain in which we interact and not just within our own organisation is keenly monitored and journaled to ensure we improve on the policy year on year.


We strive to foster a healthy approach to support the economy of the various regions we work with, monitoring good accounting and human resource practices. We implement thought provoking incentives to follow good practices and to ensure our responsible staff is well trained and is willing and able to be accountable for all decisions making on behalf of the company.

At Munthor every staff member is a champion for ESG improvement. As we regularly coach our staff in awareness of international monetary practices and regulations, we also ensure regular and on going update on the latest ESG practices and improvements that need to be made.

We are ESG Conscious

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