Our strong partnerships with a worldwide network of trusted suppliers allow us to act swiftly and with confidence.

Our world of opportunities

Munthor have a network of trusted suppliers right around the world. Combined with our warehousing and distribution partners, these relationships enable us to respond swiftly to changes in both demand and supply.

This is not only a logistical question — the steady flow of on-the-ground information gives us a competitive advantage. We can act first, and we can act with confidence.


Both our suppliers and customers benefit from this collated market intelligence. Just like we pride ourselves on providing our customers with strategic advice and recommendations, we make sure to give back to the local communities that supply
our products.

The farmers, often in developing countries, are some of the most driven people we’ve met, and it’s our privilege to support their entrepreneurial spirit.

Stronger together

We’ve got primary producers in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Zambia.

We’ve got partners in these regions who own and control warehouses suitable to agricultural products.

We’ve got shipping and port partners in almost every corner of the globe.

And we’re always looking to make new business connections. Because we’ve learned that something happens when you grow strong together. You start seeing a whole lot of opportunities.

Do you need more information?

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