Pecan Carya illinoinensis

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About Pecan nuts

Pecans are native to America, and grow enclosed in an oval shell. It is often mistaken for a walnut after the shell has been removed because the kernel inside shares the walnut’s trademark grooved surface. The Pecan has a sweet flavour that is distinctly full of body which is the result of its high levels of monosaturated oil – making it the fattiest of all nuts. It is popular in both savoury and sweet dishes, commonly used in the famous pecan pie.

Compound anual growth rate (CAGR) of
over the forecast period 2022-2027

Key Information

A Pecan Nut tree is considered to be of bearing age when it can normally be expected to produce a commercially significant quantity of pecans this can take anywhere from seven to ten years. The fruit bearing age is a influenced by factors including variety, rootstock, year planted, etc. Pecans are commonly grown in the USA but in recent years the optimal weather and soil conditions and ample supply of water in the Northern Cape province of South Africa has yielded a highly valued crop of Pecans. With South Africa situated in the Southern Hemisphere harvesting season is between May to end of August which compliments the American season of October to December making the nut available for a bigger part of the year.


HS Code 08029910 – Fresh, dried, pecans

Mammoth Halves
200-250 Count Per Pound
440-550 Per kg

Junior Mammoth Halves
251-300 Count Per Pound
551-660 Per kg

Jumbo Halves
301-350 Count Per Pound
661-770 Per kg

Extra Large Halves
351-450 Count Per Pound
771-990 Per kg

Large Halves
451-550 Count Per Pound
991-1200 Per kg

Medium Halves
551-650 Count Per Pound
1201-1430 Per kg

Topper Halves
651-800 Count Per Pound
1431-1760 Per kg

Mammoth Pieces
Through 9/16″ Over 1/2″

Extra Large Pieces
Through 1/2″ Over 7/16″
Through 14.3mm Over 12.7mm

Large Pieces
Through 7/16″ Over 3/8″
Through 12.7mm Over 9.5mm

Large/Medium Pieces
Through 3/8″ Over 5/16″
Through 9.5mm Over 7.9mm

Medium Pieces
Through 5/16″ Over 4/16″
Through 7.9mm Over 6.4mm

Small Pieces
Through 4/16″ Over 3/16″
Through 6.4mm Over 4.8mm



Northern Cape South Africa as well as in the USA in Georgia, New Mexico and Texas.


Pecan nut processing

Food health and Safety certified


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